Limited Edition Dewar's gift box. I'm one of 25. Lucky Bastard.
Limited Edition Dewar’s gift box. I’m one of 25. Lucky Bastard.

I was recently contacted by Dewar’s as to if I would accept some gifts from them, I was more than willing. Little did I know they were about to launch a massive ad campaign and they pulled in some folks who they considered worthy of being described as “Drinking Men.” Sometimes you feel lucky. Now as some of you know, I drink a LOT of single malt scotch. It’s not because I don’t appreciate blended scotch whisky. I do. But I have an affinity for single malt’s, and more specifically single casks.

To make a blended whisky takes some skill. I have the utmost respect and envy for men and women who can perform the task. As of recent, it has been established that the words “marrying” or “vatting” should be dropped in favor of simply “blended.” I do agree in part, terminology can be confusing and I believe an educated and happy consumer is better than a confused one. Still, some will continue to call a blended single malt (a whisky containing only single malts) vatted and will refer to a whisky that has single malt or malts blended with a grain whisky simply blended. Confused? Perhaps I should explain further in another post……

So, back to the Dewar’s. Dewar’s is the most widely sold scotch in the world. You can find it on most any flight, in your hotel mini-bar, and most sports bars. Let’s just say, its distribution is stellar. I know I’ve had it on at least three continents. But today I’m tasting, courtesy of Dewar’s, the 18 year Double Aged offering. Dewar’s calls this a “rich whisky with a long finish.” The double aged process, according to the literature, is placing the newly blended whisky together (malts and grains)  back into vintage oak casks to mature. So, in plain terms, how I read it, is that they blend years old whisky and place into previously used American casks? Or place them in refills? How long? That would be a trade secret most likely, but I’m sure someone out there knows.

So Dewar’s tasting notes include the words, Honeyed, Marzipan, and Creamy. Most people can relate to Honeyed as well as Creamy. BUT if you happen to live in an area outside of the UK, the Marzipan may throw you. Does me! So to describe it better, Dewar’s includes  in the tasting notes (concerning Marzipan) “Almond and vanilla cream with smooth butterscotch. Soft, buttery and sweet.” Well sign me up! So, now I’m excited to taste this 18!

As usual, I will drink any whisky, yes any whisky without water first. REGARDLESS of the damn ABV%. Sorry, that was aimed at a certain society who insists on squirting water into my snifter before I can get my nose in it.

Before I nose it, I do admit it’s a nice job in the packaging. Although, some of the fonts are a bit small and hard to read under low light, especially on the box. As far as the whisky’s color, its a nice honeyed hue and a whisk around the snifter leaves some stringy legs. As for the nose, it’s quite delightful! I can tell I’m dealing with a quality whisky here. It should have a very nice body to it. It’s ABV% is 40 so you can really stick your nose in there and let it play around, it’s very gentleman like and doesn’t kick.

The actual taste is very close to the smell, I thought it may be a bit deeper but it is most definitely buttery and smooth. I held it in my mouth for at least 30 seconds, it coats the tongue perfectly and the finish has a faint touch of grain to it. It’s very nice and is true to its tasting notes from Dewar’s. This type of scotch whisky is a good drinking whisky. I would be pleased to sit around with friends or pull out a nice medium to full cigar and partake. This is a smooth, creamy whisky. It is not sweet and I think the grain content may be a factor there.

Whatever they have blended, it works. If you are looking for a quality scotch whisky and enjoy very popular offerings such as Dewar’s, Johnny Walker, Grant’s, then you will be very pleased with this 18-year-old. I’m not sure of the price point yet, In the UK I think it goes for around $100 USD. That’s about twice the cost of their 12 year but I assure you it is measurably better.

Dewar’s The Drinking Man’s Scotch

Many thanks to Dewar’s for sending this my way, they also included a few goodies, I have put the picture below. I do feel honored to be considered worthy of a special flask and other swag, but it’s really the 18 that has done the work here. I’ve found me a new friend and am honored to be considered “A Drinking Man” by Dewar’s. Do check out their videos/commercials, if you are a drinking man like me, you will identify with the message.