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Bruichladdich Laddie Classic Ed. 01 Single Malt Scotch Whisky notes



So the marketing department is a having a hard time explaining their new product, so would you go to nature to explain the wonderful elegance of your new spirit, NAH! Everyone does that, let’s talk about women! Well, I can’t blame them because it’s a darn good subject.

I’ve spotted Bruichladdich canisters a few times in stores and I am traditionally adverse to projects or products with over the top marketing because I think they are hiding something. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes wrong.

Bruichladdich Distillery, like many, have a past like most people. You hit rock  bottom, maybe shut down and then all of a sudden you are reincarnated. Bruichladdich distillery is one of those stories, and I am one of those people. So I can identify with struggles, hopes, pains, and occasionally victory that comes when you’ve been counted out to only come back stronger.

Jim McEwan, head distiller, and company have won many awards in the past few years for their efforts and have perhaps started a cult following. Curiosity has gotten the best of me along with some recommendations from The references to Kate Moss may have had an influence also.

So this is Bruichladdich’s “Laddie Classic” and it is described as “smooth, floral and elegant spirit, matured purely in American Bourbon Casks.

This bottle was filled in 2009 and is 46% ABV or 92 proof. It is un-chilled filtered, as God intended, and has no artificial coloring.

The nose is fairly floral and strong, even after wading through the alcohol fumes it holds up strong. Taste, complete, balanced and almost buttery was my first impression. Great mouth-feel and the finish comes up a little tart on the top of my tongue, then fades like a genteel waiter. First go at it, I like it, it’s a bit different, maybe like eating a tart green apple? Islay? Very different. The Peat that you would expect comes through on the second taste, and lingers around the edges of the palate.

The finish now reminds me of a Rosado cigar wrapper? Must try.

I sometimes put a little water in a scotch when I first taste it but have learned if I really like it neat, there is no need to go forward. Oh, sure, sometimes a flavor or two might come out, but I enjoy this one “as-is!”

Cheers Kate!

Balvenie TUN1401 Batch 3 tasting

1974 Ardbeg Cask 3541 Tasting

Go ahead! Be very, very jealous if you are an Ardbeg fan (for that matter a fan of scotch) and have not had the pleasure of tasting something as rare as this sample taken directly from cask 3541 and brought to the Nth event in Las Vegas. Here a select few, including yours truly, was able to sample this marvelous spirit. I did, twice, yes, I grovelled, but you would too if you were an Ardbeg fan. On my tasting mat I have the following words written down:

Aroma – Rum and raisins, brazil nut, toffee, chocolate, cherries. With water added, lavender, toffee, and cappuccino.

Taste – Milk chocolate, ganache, cappuccino, gentle smoke and orange oil.

Finish – Complex, orange oil, mature, bacon, pork.

These are words from the Ardbeg rep, I did not get all of them but wouldn’t contradict them. What I do remember about this product was the orange oil. It was really nice, really warm and very rounded. From what I gathered, you can own two bottles of 1974 along with a bespoke leather gun case, price, I think was around $16,000 (US). If you want some, I’m sure Ardbeg will be happy to talk to you! If you don’t know how to get ahold of them go to their website.

The Ardbeg story is interesting and its great to know that this distillery was in fact rescued (ultimately) by Glenmorangie. Although Ardbeg is working, production wise, from product produced after being resurrected around 1990, they are working miracles and winning fans (not to mention awards) with the guidance and expertise of Bill Lumsden and David Blackmore.

I have tasting notes for five other Ardbeg’s that I tasted and will share them soon. I personally have the Corryvreckan and have a bottle of the “Beist” on the way that I am very excited about. This is a product that I intend to own as many of the offerings that I can. The 1974…… In time.

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