So laddies, (insert Irish accent), I have procured a bottle of Redbreast “pot stilled” Irish Whiskey that lied state in (I assume) two different barrels over in Ireland for some twelve years. (Drop Irish accent, unless you are in fact, Irish)

This whiskey hit my radar after being touted as an award winner for a couple of years now on both sides of the pond evidently. It is the most expensive Irish Whiskey I have purchased at $50. ABC of Virginia does offer three more Irish Whiskey’s that are more expensive, two special editions which are Jameson 18yr. and Bushmills 1608 Anniversary edition. The other is a Midleton rare which rings in at $150. I would love to review them but will wait for another time (maybe when they are on sale?).

Anyhow! After watching’s review I was hesitant on if it would live up to its hype….. I’ve got to say, reallllly like this one! Now, in short, I like it because it reminds me of Scotch actually. This is very much a mature, masculine Irish whiskey that isn’t going to just settle for being added to a menu. This laddie wants some respect!

The nosing of this bottle was telling, very complex flavors coming out like a nice bourbon somewhat, spice, honey, vanilla, almonds?, and oak. With some water added the spice fell asleep though.

The taste, WOW, she’s got a bite alright, watch out for this one! Oak, spice, honey, reminded me of bourbon, a veritable punch in the tongue it was, and I like that! If this is 100% triple distilled I have to find out what makes this one have a twice distilled attitude. After adding water, things got much quieter and melons jumped out of the glass. Yes, I’m not kidding, melons! And slight spice. So for a mature palate I’d say skip the water and enjoy. Otherwise, use water or break yourself in on some regular Jameson first.

I can’t wait to have this with a nice juicy steak! This will defintely cut right into the fat. I think I will pick our a nice dark maduro too, maybe a Paul Garmirian, or I have a very nice Rocky Patel Anniversary edition given to me by the Rocky Patel in New York City.

So yes, the scotch life seal of goodness is on this review. Enjoy.