So according to the whimsical wisdom of many, the world will end December 21 of this year. Honestly? I couldn’t give two turds about the predictions but I know many of you have in the back of your heads that it may be true. There are many reasons why its ridiculous to think this way but “to each their own”.

I have been to the Mayan ruins in Mexico and while it was extremely interesting exploring the ruins a couple of thoughts come to mind. First, their society didn’t survive. This is kind of like watching a fortune-teller go out of business (didn’t they see it coming!). Secondly, a society whose sport revolves around the winning team captain being decapitated by rules is not what I’d call, intellectual or wise.

So I’ve been blogging since March of 2011 and while not great at it, do find it enjoyable. Occasionally I get the thrill of site traffic spiking up on a post that someone likes and tweets about and the traffic rockets! Fun! And then there are those days  when only a few lost souls with questions about a whisky that has been out of production for decades happen upon my blog.

So for 2012 I’m thinking of stepping up my writing and be more scheduled on when I post things. It’s hard to hold yourself to a deadline when you don’t get paid in the first place! Also, I’m probably going to move the site to and host it somewhere where I can have greater flexibility, but that also means more work! So who knows. I do want to make things more interactive and useful though.

So, if you’re reading this, thanks! And I hope you have a great 2012! (remember, you only have til December 21st!)