No worries! I’m just doing this to see what people in general think when putting down hard-earned cash for scotch and/or cigars. I’m more of a variety and quality person myself, I’m curious to see what you guys think. Thanks!

OK…. i KNOW how much I hate surveys/polls so I’m thankful for the handful that actually responded. I’m hoping to use polls to help me figure out what people are more interested in reading about, which helps me narrow my focus, which is a feat in itself. It seems so far that most people are interested in Variety and Quality. What a coincidence, me too!

I have a hard time dealing with people who only drink/smoke the same old products over and over, never trying something new. I can’t imagine if I’d never gone past drinking Johnny Walker or smoking only a Macanudo. I thought about trying to hone my tastes down to a handful of products and stick with them. The problem with that line of thinking is I would never be happy! I love trying new scotch and cigar products and will probably always will. Which leads me the anxiety of someone asking me, “what’s your favorite scotch?” or “what cigar do you smoke?”. Really! I just don’t know what to say other than my tendency is to drink primarily single malts and smoke mainly medium to full cigars from Nicaragua and Honduras.

So I will continue to roam through the whisky stores and humidors in 2012 in search of new products that I will hopefully share with you at