Last night my wife and I visited the store known as Cookology which is located in Dulles Mall. This mall is located in Northern Virginia, miles from Washington-Dulles International Airport and a few miles from the Nations Capitol. At this venue you will be led by an Executive Chef with multiple years of experience. On our visit we opted for the Steak options which entailed learning how to prepare a Filet Mignon (Wagu beef) with a delicious mashed potato combination of sinful ingredients preceded by a made from scratch blue cheese dressing that is so good  you would almost forget you had a main course.

We started as a group with all the necessary fresh ingredients neatly laid out in bowls before us. Methodically and without confusion or much thought we shuffled through the professional kitchen and used the induction cookers to boil potatoes in two minutes and subsequently sear filets in just minutes also. The mixture of egg, mayo, sugar, etc…. led to a blue cheese dressing to die for! This is the first time I have ever been able to play cook in a professional kitchen and I just loved it! It makes you realize the own limitations of your kitchen at home.

In the end, we dined on our steak, potato and blue cheese wedge salad. Topped off with a Cab Sav from California of course. I hesitate to call myself a foodie. But damn it, I love good food! And this place is just the kind of place where you can gain the appreciation for how really good food comes from really good ingredients.

If you find yourself in the Northern Virginia/DC area, you need to schedule a visit to this place. You will not regret it!