I recently sampled the Glenrothes line and was very pleased. Although I had many vintages then, I’m not so lucky here in Virginia, less selection no doubt. But the Select Reserve was on sale so I bought it. I checked the company’s website and watched a video about the Select Reserve, in a nutshell it is supposed to represent the soul of The Glenrothes.

I really love the bottle, short and squatty, which just looks like a jug that wants to be your friend and used frequently! Also, in a pinch taken to a white linen affair. The tasting notes are on the front and are quite accurate to my taste. They are “ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla, hints of spice.” I’d say they know their product. Cannot add much to help.

So I picked up some fresh pacific rockfish and a sweet potato. Yes, the meal was delicious, but what I did not know is that I had selected a perfect single malt scotch whiskey to pair with it. The nose of the select reserve is so pleasing and the citrus vanilla complemented the sweet potato so well. It was so perfect I just had to write about it. Well, go pick up some Select Reserve and sweet potatoes and enjoy!