As promised, here is another quick review of an Irish Whiskey that I hope you may encounter as opposed to food colored beer. I looked for something in the “cheap” range today at the ABC store for Irish Whiskey, what I found was this rather gentlemanly looking bottle proudly displaying KILBEGGAN for around $17 for the 750ml bottle. As an aside, its nice to see a region of whiskeys that are not as expensive as your good Scotch products. I’m sure the Irish would like the higher prices though….. Anyhow I wasn’t expecting an experience. It is a blend and the baseline product for Kilbeggan. That being said, I found this to be a very drinkable whiskey and could see this as an everyday whiskey. It doesn’t really overpower or wow you but certainly does not disappoint. Of the Irish whiskeys that I have purchased I would feel free to incorporate this one into meals and recipes also. Its slightly sweet also so with desserts like creme brûlée or other cream based desserts would go well. This would make an excellent digestive.

As far as the nose: Nothing overpowering. I was thinking fruits, maybe a hint of vanilla. After adding water more fruit forward but again, nothing to get wrapped up about.

The palate: The first sip came and went, politely. I enjoyed the finish though, not overpowering but a nice solid or rounded feel. I’d love to have with some creamy seafood dishes. After adding water a bit spicy and a slight oak taste came in. I would actually prefer this whiskey without water. I would also, in a wine sense, equate this to drinking a very well rounded red. Especially the finish.

As for color, light gold or amber coloring.

Again, this is another fine product from Ireland and one that is reasonably priced. If you wanted to stock a bar and needed an all purpose Irish whiskey or wanted a good cooking whiskey I’d be confident in purchasing this product.