Such a distinctive smell, like it should be a dessert…. Maybe that is what it is! Bowmore and I first met in Ottawa, the beautiful capital of Canada, where we cozied up to each other in the Fairmont Hotel. Soon my workmates also were interested in my newly purchased Scotch also. It was almost like high school, I was in high demand because I had a bottle of whisky! Only we were grown ups with expense accounts. Anyhow, I reacquired a bottle of Bowmore at my local store and was pleased to see it stocked well and on sale.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bowmore, they (Bowmore) state that they are the “original Islay distillery,” and since I’m firmly planted in the “the States” I have no reason to doubt that. There are certain scotchs’ (i.e. Lagavulin) that last quite awhile in my cabinet because I count them as “special” and not a daily drink or a house scotch. The Bowmore 12yr. is one of those that I like to enjoy my time with.

This whisky holds very true to the Color/Nose/Palate notes on the packaging and all I’d personally add is that it is a very lively and citrus like product. That it is an Islay product I believe makes it unique. When I smell and taste this product I think of Tiramisu or some chocolate type of dessert. As far as the peatiness that an Islay product carries, I find this one to be much more balanced and reserved. For some reason I think adding water to it brings out the peat exponentially. Perhaps exciting the seas?

I enjoyed mine with french truffles.