Knob Creek

I’ve had this 50ml bottle of Knob Creek sitting on my desk for some time. I believe I purchased it to take to a leadership course that had an “adventure” planned for the great outdoors. Well, being that the temperatures were hovering around freezing, I thought I might need a little something by the campfire that night, hence the small bottle (travels easy).

As far as tasting notes, I do love bourbon, and this is a worthy contender in the “above-average” group of bourbons from Kentucky. It is aged 9 years which is on the high side of good bourbons. Many good bourbons can be brought to market after seven evidently. I particularly like the packaging also. I’m not usually a fan of more than two fonts on anything but somehow it works on this “aged” paper.

As far as color, its a nice medium amber. As far as the nose goes, I picked up vanilla and a slight sweetness that reminded me of a charcoal barrel. After adding a touch of water, the sweeter smells moved to the rear so I didn’t waste anymore time on that. As far as the taste, a very nice honey taste with vanilla notes. Maybe toffee, I’ve got to have some toffee again to be sure.

In short, I did like this bourbon and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.