At least once a week I hope to taste something “new” or not as well known and jot down a few notes about it. My last trip through the ABC store brought not only something new but something I found to be whimsical. In the Scotch section was a black and white fashioned box with the picture of an agitated sheep half way out of a whiskey barrel. The product was labeled SHEEP DIP, a Malt Whisky (notice the “e” is missing in Scotch) and it is woven from 16 single malt whiskies. The individual whiskies are aged anywhere from 8 to 21 years. This gives this product a certain maturity that I think should earn it some respect. This is evidently an old brand that has been discarded by a larger company and purchased by a smaller enterprising company.

I started with about an ounce and a half of the product and introduced a splash of cold brita water to open it up. In short, I found this product to be very pleasing! I was prepared for something harsh and not that complex. What I found was the opposite. I found this product to be a nice amber colored Scotch that had a slightly soft nose and bright aroma to it. As it rolled through my mouth I experienced full complex flavors and really imagined a warm spicy mature orange within the mix. The finish was very clean and as I waited for the after taste to set in, it gently rolled away to a nice finish.

SHEEP DIP was acknowledged by Whisky magazine as “seriously good stuff”

I would label this as a great buy, around $39 for the 750ml bottle which puts it in the same area as Johnny Walker Red. I think it would be better compared to the JW Black or Green in quality though.

You can best find out about this brand on Facebook by searching Sheep Dip Fold. This link may work.