It’s been awhile since I’ve been impressed by a new scotch whisky. Especially one that is influenced by pop culture or non traditional bottle design or packaging. That has just changed. I’m not sure what Diageo set out to prove with this whisky but I really believe they have made something completely unique and its timing is perfect!

I’m a lover of single malts! I have only had a handful of really good single grains and the best was a sixty year old at a very exclusive event in Vegas. This Single Grain created by Haig and promoted by the very well known David Beckham is first class. The bottle and packaging is bespoke, but it’s the whisky itself I find remarkable. In nosing you get the sense that you are nosing a cologne. The bottle even looks like a cologne bottle. It’s light in color and you are very aware that this will not be a single malt. My first taste confirmed what my nose had seen. This is a soft, floral whisky. It’s so unique I dare compare it to anything cause I really think you should try it.

At 40% ABV, you can sip it neat. If you add some water it really evens out and is quite pleasant. I would even recommend this to new whisky drinkers who are trying to drink whisky without throwing Coke in it.

Alas, it isn’t the cheapest whisky! So this price point in the USA of about $70 is high but there isn’t anything like it so I think it has a chance to be successful. A great Christmas gift!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!!