DEFIANT AMERICAN WHISKY – This was bound to happen, my discovery

I haven’t written in a while, mainly because I’m busy, but also because I just haven’t been that inspired. My walks thru the stores over the winter really haven’t shown me anything new. I have spent the winter drawing down on many quality Bowmore, Ardbeg, and Balvenie offerings. One or two new things slipped in but didn’t really motivate me to put finger to keyboard. But on this day, the curse has been broken…. defiantly.

I have dreamed for a long time about having a whisky produced in America in the Single Malt, Malted Barley style. This is what the Scottish do, 24/7, 365 days a year, and they do it damn well. Some better than others. But now, so has an American, in North Carolina.

Introducing DEFIANT whisky. Distilled in Bostic, North Carolina just East of Asheville, NC. If you know Asheville, NC, then you could be aware of the uniqueness of products and micro-brews that are there. You have to check out the website, the background to the birth of this spirit is unique and I’m excited about what the future holds for America producing Single Malt whisky that is worthy to stand up to the best Scotland can produce!Defiant Whisky

So, about the whisky. In a sentence, it may be the best American distilled product I have ever tasted. It has a beautiful color, the nose is very unique. The most prominent thing my nose picks up is a smoke. The smoke I get from my smoker and I typically use Hickory wood when I cook. There is something else hitting my nose and I just can’t place it. What I do not get is all the typical smells┬áthat come out of a typical, Highland Scotch whisky, but it does not remind me of Bourbon at all. I think this is where this whisky goes “Asheville” on you. It’s a little weird on the nose and what that makes me believe is that it is not produced the Scottish way. Maybe it’s the custom-made stills these salvage divers put together? Yes, their day job is deep-sea salvage, how cool is that! The way they prepare their barley? Malting matters.

On the tongue, this whisky shows. It’s neutral and balanced on the tongue, and delivers an organic, slightly spiced fruit (not fruity) with just a kiss of fresh toasted oak wood. It has body, it’s not thin, and as I have been sipping on it for a few hours now, it hasn’t even occurred to me to put water in it. It’s 41%ABV (82 proof) and is very well-balanced. Double distilled? Triple distilled? I don’t know. The website says that they do not follow tradition and my nose and palate are really picking up on it. It’s fairly smooth. The finish is very clean.Slight vanilla? There is a bit of oil left on the palate afterwards, I tend to enjoy that.

Well, all that to say I really like it. I think these guys have a lot of intuition and an obvious love for whisky. I’d say they are onto something. I bought mine in Virginia so you may have to check their web-site to find where you can purchase it.


6 thoughts on “DEFIANT AMERICAN WHISKY – This was bound to happen, my discovery

  1. What a great review!! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    We would be honored to extent an invite to you and guest, to come to the birthplace of DEFIANT WHISKY for a private tour and tasting.

  2. One of my closest friends grew up with Tim in Connecticut and then in Golden Valley, North Carolina. I spent some time around Tim when my friend and I were in high school, and I can absolutely say that he has one of the most profound senses of ingenuity that I’ve ever encountered. I’m excited he’s brought this ingenuity to bear on a very fine craft-made whisky — and that it’s happening in my home county.
    I tried Defiant recently at a graduation party in Morganton that was attended by some of Tim’s neighbors and colleagues — and even Tim’s mother! It was great company to be around when trying this complex and excellent spirit. Cheers to Tim, his co-conspirators, and all Defiant drinkers.

  3. The nose reminds me of Ledaig, to me a very fine and underrated smoker. A new bike tire thing going on. The flavor comes through like a Highland malt, blended with Ledaig. But there’s also a hint of bourbon, so this dram’s quite the mash-up.

    Very pleased to have discovered it, and thanks for the review. This is young whiskey, and from what I’ve read they use a process of placing curled oak shavings in the barrel to increase the wood contact. Dig the color!! Reminds me of what Makers Mark does, but I’ll let the product speak for itself. It’s balanced, it’s creative, it’s part of the search that makes the Good Life memorable.

    – Kurt

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